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Domestic abuse towards men should be dealt with and understood exactly the same way  .....

 I've recently spent a couple of evenings trying to find some decent info and images about abuse directed towards men and discovered with increasing intense frustration and saddess that unfortunatly it's almost an impossibility to find anything that's even vaguely useful .

   Go on try it ..... put in domestic abuse towards men in whatever search engine you're using and see what comes up .

There's endless groups and societies out there to help on the subject of domestic abuse but they are all mainly directed towards women or children ( both equally as important of course ) and that's extremely unfair to all the guys out there who have to deal with it and need the support .

    I feel overwhelming bewilderment that it's almost like because you're male, you should be able to just get on with life and cope with it all alone , but that's such a completely wrong attitude . Domestic abuse as I've said so many times is nothing but the elephant in the room when it comes to discussing the subject but when it comes to men needed to talk or wanting to talk about it , it then becomes almost an even bigger taboo subject matter . 

 I've already written a post previously about abused men before and yes I'm repeating a few things but it wasn't until I started looking a bit deeper into things that I realised just how utterly appalling it all is for them out there . 

 It doesn't matter if the abused victim is male or female the effects it has and the devastation it can cause to a person's life is still exactly the same thing so why can't they all be treated exactly the same way when its really needed ?.....

   Did you know that roughly 1 in 4 women are domestically abused and 1 in 6 to 7 men can suffer from it, too ?....

   Shocking isn't it , yet even though it's that many there still isn't nearly enough help or support out there for the men . Men believe it or not actually do have feelings and the after effects from domestic abuse are exactly the same as anyone else wrapped up in a similar position .  

  PTSD , depression , anxiety , and other mental health issues aren't just reserved for us ladies , just because the guys don't talk much about things doesn't mean to say that their not feeling anything . You can't really blame them if they put all the shutters down on their emotions , if they've either been brought up to " Man Up " on emotional stuff or they just have a serious case of male pride . It doesn't help that there's extremely very few places out there that they feel safe and can put their trust in to , in order for them to receive help and get treated the way they deserve to be treated .

   To all the guys out there who are or have gone through any form of domestic abuse please , please don't ever believe that no one cares because they do ( well , at least I do anyway ) . None of the abuse given out in your direction was ever your fault, and no, you most deffinatly didn't ask for any of it .  The mixed up feelings that you may have going on aren't crazy and no your not going mad , those manic thoughts are exactly the same as me and many other abused have had at some point .

    The only advice I can honestly offer is to never ever give up and just keep on looking, and hunting for those various groups out there that will listern to you . Some of the many differant domestic abuse social media groups out there allow both men and women to join ( I most certainly do on mine ) it should give those that follow which ever one that's decided upon the opportunity to reach out to talk to others without any discrimination given .


  So many Male domestic abuse victims seem to keep almost everything to themselves and you can hardly blame them for doing it , it shouldn't all be so one sided . As a domestically abused female survivor even I can see just how unfair and disheartening it all must be to try and go on with life feeling like you want to scream out loud but you think nobody wants to hear you . 

 I feel intensely strongly about any forms of domestic abuse but especially about male abuse , the more I research about it all the more frustrating it all becomes . I've yet to find a justified really good reason as to why there's a massive difference between men and women when it comes to receiving any form of help after abuse but unfortunatly there is .

    Domestic abuse can and does happen to absolutly anyone regardless of whatever sex , colour or religion a person may be , it's an enormously heavy burden to carry at the best of times but if there's no one out there to support and listern then it can all become over- powering and smothering , everyone should have exactly the same opportunities when it comes to help given and understanding when it's asked for  .

    I truly wish I could wave a magic wand all around and change how things are at the moment but meanwhile I shall continue standing up for and trying to do my best for all when it comes to domestic abuse , I will never stop reaching out to those that may need the support and as far as I'm concerned male , female, gay  or straight domestic abuse is still and always will be exactly the same thing . 

  As I mentioned at the start of all this trying to find any usable Male domestically abused images have proved to be extremely difficult so the images used are directed to all but the first one at the top of this post was made by myself so please feel free to use it in what ever way that's needed.










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