Saturday, December 30, 2023

Happy New Year !!


 Its the new year so why not adapt a few things in your life ?......

  life is far too short to get it wrong and you only get one go at it so if there's anything that's going on in your life your not happy about why not adapt it to fit , I won't say change things because that sounds far too dramatic and big and I won't say make a new years resolution either because that sounds too flimsy and resolutions can be broken to easily . 
 By adapting things your not making any major serious changes your just simply tweaking the edges of ideas you had  already
 and helping making them fit a bit better in the massive Jigsaw of life , It's your Jigsaw so why not design it your way and then all the pieces should fit perfectly. 

  Domestic abuse can't be stopped over night and it's a foul path to find yourself traveling but what you can do ( and that's only when you feel you are ready to) is to take another path to walk on , like a lot of things in life you may not know exactly where that new path might take you but it has to be better from where you've just come from so why not explore it . A new path can take you to new brighter future and that can only mean endless positivity . 

  You all know my story by now so I'll not bore you with it all yet again but what I will say is that one of the best things I have ever done in my life is to make that decision to take a different pathway , at the time yes it was slightly scary ( understament ) but WOW !!! life is good now 😌. I've learnt to adapt my path to go in the direction it should have gone in and not the way someone else wanted it to go .
  No more carrying the heavy weight of being domestic abused on my shoulders,  no more hiding from the real world and most deffinatly no more crying those silent inner tears for pain or hurt no one else could ever see , there's only one person who has the right to control my life and that's me ( granted I don't always get it right but I just keep on going regardless ) .
   The path I walk now is ever changing but always full of laughter , I now do stuff that I always led to believe were way off my radar but I've discovered all the rubbish I was once told was because of that other persons insecurities and not my own , they still have all of them of course but none of it is now directed my way .
  Every step I now take forward I see as a whole brand new adventure , it doesn't matter how small that step is I'm still going to enjoy each and every moment of being able to now be true to myself . 
  Now the next question is are you ready to take a new path ?...
   If no then don't worry you will when the time is good and right for you .
  If yes then why not just live the dream .

  How can I be so unbelievably positive in life after surviving domestic abuse?....

  That's a really easy one to answer  , I've always been a positive thinking kind of person ( in fact it was was only the positive thinking that kept me going sometimes back then ) but now I just let it all out and I like to share it all around because being positive can be contagious . I've always tried to turn anything negative into a positive no matter how small or dark it might be . Good example is today, it may be a grey end of year day but as I'm writing this I'm enjoying a nice cup of tea and thinking that those nice chocolate biscuits are looking like they might need eating 😋 

   Thinking positive isn't a particularly hard thing to do,  you just start with something small and then go from there. Over a period of time all those small thoughts grow and then you can end up finding yourself smiling at the most weirdest things but all in a positive way and it's that smile you gain that is priceless. 
Laughter doesn't cost anything and it can come in variouse forms , there's giggles , chuckles or even like father Christmas ho ho ho's . It doesn't matter how or where the smiles and laughter start , it's all about the enjoyment of whatever it was that started it all off in the first place .

  If that domestic abuse is seemingly never ending , offering nothing but dark negativity and your finding yourself believing all the rubbish your told then there is only one person that can change things and that's you and most importantly never think you can't do it because just like me there are thousands out there who just like you thought it would never happen to them but they found that strengh and survived it, they changed the direction they wanted to walk and so can anyone else .
  Changing your path is a unique journey and your surroundings are what ever you want them to be , it's you walking it so you get to pick who you walk some of the way with , only you get to decide where you stop off for the odd pit stop and its you that decide who it is that you get evicted off your path with a big kick if needed. Yes it really is honestly that simple ( tough sometimes but reasonably simple ) . 
Why not make the new year coming be your year , adapt that path if needed .  It's your life so make it work for you , believe in yourself and good things will follow !!!!!








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