Sunday, February 11, 2024

As time goes by ....


Domestic abuse in any of its numerous horrendous forms is just like waiting for a time bomb explosion to go off at any given moment....

   Those of us who have either been there or are still goimg through it will know exactly what I mean by time bomb , it can go off without any form of warning, and there's never any time to prevent or protect against injury . The human time bomb will then, when all is calm once again turn around and blame the abused victim for the actions they have just used against them .
    Why ?......

Because obviously, nothing is ever their fault of couse ( and never expect an apology for it either ).

   I'm a massive firm believer in that Life is far too short to get it wrong and that you only get one go at it , I personally now flatly refuse to waste anymore of my much valued years left on this earth . You all should know my domestic abuse story by now ( if not then I suggest you read a few of my posts at the begining of all of this ) and I'm the first to hold my hand up high and declare how totally stupid I was staying in that relationship for as long as I did , it's unbelievable now to think about how many years I wasted on someone and something where any ideas of contentment or happiness on my side were never allowed .  As I've said many times before the only worthwhile things I ever gained from that whole time period were my three children and it never ceases to impress me on how reasonably level headed they have all ended up .

  Time is something no-one can afford to waste in life , I may not be able to get the time back I lost but I sure as hell can make up for it all now !!!
   If I'm asked to go out for a good night out at a local pub then I'll do my very best to get there and whilst I'm at it I'll wear whatever I want and talk to whoever I want .  If I suddenly decide to wake up at stupid o'clock on the morning , load up all the fishing gear and sit by a lakeside waiting for the fish to bite then I absolutely will because its my choice and no-one else's on what I now decide to spend my time doing . 
   Time may be just a short four letter word but to me it's a bit of an endless full of experiences type of thing , I try not to waste any time and I try to do at least something with it no matter how small that something might be .  
  Writting these posts isn't always a simple case of just sitting down , typing out all the words , chucking in a few pictures and then downloading it all . It most often can start with just one simple basic idea and then over the length of the day that one singular idea then begins to grow . All of the day that growing idea will be developing untill I think I might have a decent amount to work with , some cases ( especially if I'm sat at a lakeside totally chilled out ) the words just all seem to know what to do by themselves , where to go and which ever it is at the time I then put it all down ...... no time wasted and it's all being used I'd like to think constructively ☺️ .

  Think of life being like one of those sand hourglass things , very very slowly over a long period of time that sand will slowly fall away . There not a lot you can do to stop it but its what you cram into those moments before they disappear that really counts . Yes can always turn that hourglass over but you still get exactly same amount of sand to play with .

   Those that domestically abuse others are the one's that seem to insist on wasting what precious time they have on making life as as unpleasant as possible for others and then means they are losing grains of sand even faster because of all their pent up aggression and negativity . 

  Can you slow slow down the movement of that sand ebbing away ?......

  Maybe but it's all down to the individual. 

You'll never be able to stop it happening but what you can do is to try to pack as much fun , laughter , love and positivity into everything you do so that you don't notice where the sand is all going and you don't lose any time looking for it either .
   My sand I think is about half way done ( not in a negative way but a realistic one ) , I'm not a young energetic 19 year old anymore and there's  some days that my poor old body complains about things but it's not going to ever stop me filling my days , enjoying life or wasting any more time being true to myself .

   Want some proof on my refusal to grow old gracefully ?....

  I'm the grand owner of an electric scooter  !!!!!
  It might scare the hell out of me sometimes as I hang on to it with sweaty palms but the more I use it the more fun and giggles I'm having 🤣 .
  I decided long ago that the sand in my hourglass of life is neon coloured with added sparkles , its my sand so its entirely up to me how and what I decide to do with it .
 Never allow someone else to control or manipulate your valuable time om this earth , If you don't like the way things are going then why not change it , there is and only ever really will be just one person who has the right to control the the way you live your life and that that one singular special sensational superfantastic person is...........YOU !!!!






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