Monday, June 26, 2023

Why start and why continue ?


My domestic abuse story first started in 1986 and it continued for an unbelievable 28 years !

Just like the trees in the photo above ( photo taken by myself ) the domestic abuse started small just like a seed but it eventually grew into epic proportions untill it become almost too big to deal with .
During that time I delt with what seemed like endless emotional abuse , financial abuse , basically rape ( I may of agreed to it but only after being intimidated into it ) .
 None of the above was particularly pleasant ( she says using classic British sarcasm ) and no it wasn't obvious what my life was going to be like when the relationship first started and it took a good couple of years for that seed of abuse to firmly take root and grow  .

  I've already explained a couple of times now at of why I felt that I needed to put all my memories and thoughts about what had happened down somewhere and yes its been a fantastic way to process all those past events whilst giving myself some very much needed therapy at the same tine , at the start it was all for purely selfish reasons and its certainly helped put a few ghosts to bed along the way . 
   I never really realised just how many people out there who have been through similar or even worse untill I joined up with Twitter , Facebook , Quora , Instagram,  X ( was Twitter ) and Threads , this then gave me the crazy notion of maybe keep going with these posts so that others could see you can survive abuse and you dont have to be all alone .

  I'm a bit of a Frank Sinatra/Ratpack fan and hanging on one of my walls is this......

It sums up exactly how I live my life now way !!
My life now isn't always perfect ( who can honestly say theirs is ?) but it's all now lived under my rules and no one else's . 
If you read that little profile thing at the side that explains about who I am , you will see that I'm as much in control of my own life as I possibility can be and I am now a eternal annoying optimist . No one will ever control the way I live my life again .
 Now I'm about to ask anyone out there who may read this for a massive favour .... I need your help . 
I need followers , I need others to help spread the word about how you can go forward after domestic abuse ,  I need others to help show how much stronger you can become afterwards  . 
Between us all we can show others that they are not and never will be alone .

Those who have been there will know exactly how dark , lonely and oppressive it can all feel whilst being abused and that's why it's really important for us survivors to stick together and shout out loud about our various abuse so it then can encourage others who are still going through it to see how wrong it all is and that life can become great again .
 The only way to beat those total waste of space evil abusers is to outnumber them , bullies are nothing but groveling pathetic little cowards really when someone or something bigger comes along and together we can be that something bigger .
 As a mass group from all over the world we can all help slowly send all the abusers back under the slimy little grotty rocks they originally came from , together we can reach out and help guide those that may need it . 
 You should never be afraid of a domestic abuser but the abusers should be afraid of us survivors !!

I have never and will never treat someone else the way I was once treated , I was raised to have respect for others and to treat other people how I wish to be treated myself , I'd like to think I have taught my children the same good manners I was once taught and they in turn will pass it all on . 
Its a massive shame that all the abusers out there were obviously not given the same lessons in life or else they wouldn't be way they are . 

You are not born with with the ability to abuse someone , it's all learnt from someone else and the pathetic excuses of " I cant help it , its just the way I am" or " you made me do it " are just proves that they were allowed to get away with it growing up and never taught to take responsibility for their own actions . 
There is and never will be a good enough excuse or reason for those that abuse someone else , there is only one person doing it all and thats the abuser , no one else is raising their hand in order to strike out at someone and no one else is forcing them to do things like  they do to others .
Thankgully not all abusers children turn out just like them but unfortunatly some do and so it goes on and it will keep going on untill we start educating others about how wrong it all is .
Some will listern and some won't but those that do hear will inform others along the way . 

  One day eventually before the sun finally burns itself out I hope that everyone will live non abusive life's and the world becomes a much better place but unfortunatly I doubt very much it will ever happen in my lifetime .
 So untill that day gets here I will continue being grateful for ever setting sun I see and I'll look forward to the next brand new day with excited anticipation never knowing what surprises it may bring .

 ( photo used below from my own collection taken by myself ) 

Money , money , money.



 Money , we all want it , most work hard for it but sometimes just sometimes your not allowed to keep it ......

Living with a narcissist can be like living with your own private and personal Mr Ebenezer Scrooge from Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol . 
What's yours is theirs but what's theirs is their own , they don't seem to have the ability to know how to give or to share they just only seen to know how to keep eveything ( even if they don't really want it ) .
 Now back to Mr Scrooge.... he was once a very greedy , sad and I think lonely man and getting more was never quite enough for him , he didn't care that others were going without or suffering , he didn't care about anyone else but his own self , but then late one Christmas eve he got lucky and he had a second chance given to him by his 3 very special visitors who each taught him various valuable life lessons .
When he woke up on Christmas morning he then begun to try to change his ways for the better and he started to give as well as to recieve . 


   I remember all to well not having any control over any money that came in or out , for a lot of years . I wasn't allowed to have a job let alone my own bank account . I made do with a tiny amount given in the form of Child Benifits payments ( even that took a lot of arguments to be able to keep ) . I was told on a regular basis that we were really poor and hadn't got enough money but strangly enough nice new computers , PlayStations , cars and even bigger than before televisions would suddenly appear as if by magic ( all things brought and apparently very much needed by my ex of course ) .

  Domestic abusers or Narcissists love nothing more than to control all things and money is just one of the many ways they try to do it  , they will use it to take advantage of someone or as emotional blackmail their not bothered just as long as it gets the end result that they are after .

They all seem to love watching others beg , plead or even grovel even if it's only for just a couple of pound thats needed , they will give that look of " consider yourself extremely lucky  " as they hand it over reluctantly and then remind you a few days later you still owe them for that bottle of milk or loaf of bread you brought the other day in order so you could make them their coffee or toast 🤔 .

Nowadays I'm in reasonably good control of my own funds , nobody tells me what I can and can't do with it ( apart from the bank obviously ) and if I decide I want to waste my own well earnt money and buy a lovely pair of high heeled  black leather thigh high boots and a bright pink Tutu to wear then I bloody well will !!!!!

I now count myself extremly lucky I don't and never have had expensive taste , I appreciate everything no matter how small it might be that I have in my life , personally I don't think domestic abusers or narcissists have the same thinking or ability, they see it and they just want it regardless of what it takes to get it and then when they do finally get it and the novelty wears off they don't want it anymore and then want something else instead  .... Crazy isn't it but that's the kind of world they live in . 

 Its another really excellent reason why I had to end my 28yr  bad existence of domestic abuse a few years ago along with numerous other reasons , and If I can totally supprise myself and take back my own slightly warped quite often scatty life then so can anyone else . 
 I'm no longer like the character Bob Cratchit in someone elses Christmas Carol and I've sent my now ex version of Ebenezer Scrooge  to go and live in someone elses story (apologies to who ever has to tolerate him next ) . 

I think it's going to take a lot more than three slightly spooky ghosts to change his warped and twisted ways ( his still doing his controling to others thing and still blaming everyone else ) , 
 I'm now writting my story of domestic abuse for all to read and I get to decide how it continues and how it ends , those that read it can decide who the villain is and who the hero could be because it all depends on how you look at things . 

Life is all about making up your own mind about things and that's exactly the same opportunity I'm giving anyone who decide to read any of my posts . 
 I don't want anyone's pity let alone get any 
sympathy but what I do want is the understanding that domestic abuse can happen to absolutly anyone and if you think it could be happening to someone you know then just be ready to be there when they really need it .

I still don't have an awful lot of money to my name but at least what I do have now is all my own , I now no longer have to feel like I'm being held to ransom if I ask to borrow anything and no longer am I being pressured and intimidated into having sex just because I couldn't pay back the money I asked for in order to but the bread to make his stupid sandwich . 

Now I'm living my own story and my days I've decided should  always end with a golden sunset  !!
( photo used below from my own collection ) .



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