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During my far too long dark episode of domestic abuse I personally found the one and only thing that never really deserted me was my ability to laugh .


  Everyone's sense of humour is special and unique , thankfully mine never abandoned me . I have a habit of finding the most oddest things funny sometimes and I've always been very lucky to have been able to laugh at myself if it's needed . 

  Smiles and laughter cost absolutely nothing but so many people forget how to share it all around .

  Are you one of those people who will hold their hands up high and openly admit to still smiling and chuckling when the Ketchup bottle suddenly decides to make that really random funny noise it makes at the most inappropriate  moment ?....


 Yes , I still do it even though I'm supposed to be a sensible grown-up 😄 .

  I make no apologies for my actions because it is and always will be one of those funny moments in life that just have to be laughed at .


 How did I manage to keep laughing when all around was was overpowering darkness ?...


 That I can't answer because I honestly don't know , I'm lucky enough to have inherited my good sense of humour from my family and without it I think my world would be a very miserable unhappy place indeed . Its helped keep me sane when all around was chaotic and my laughter lines are deep I think have been well earnt .


   More happy laughter isn't something unfortunatly a doctor can prescribe , it's something that has to come from within . There is no magic little pill that can help turn a frown upside down , it has to be because that person really wants to do it in the first place . 

  Yes Anti- depressants can help numb things but they won't cure the deep rooted problem and that's all down to the individual person .  It's about if you want help or some form of supportive guidance then it is up to you to make that very first call or message . Others will very kindly help you of course after that but first you need to help yourself .

  Domestic abuse unfortunatly comes attached with endless heavy overtaking dark clouds but I promise you there really is a beautiful bright multi-coloured sparkling future waiting for anyone that's thinking of escaping from it . Once you achieve what you first thought, was the impossible then hold your head up high , smile and be proud of yourself . The laughter you thought you would never see again is just around that first corner and once you start laughing again you will never want to stop .

    The domestic abusers of this world do laugh ( debatable though ) but its normally to the detriment of someone else's high embarrassment and they don't just ever smile or laugh for the sake of enjoyment  . They most certainly are not ever humble enough to be able to laugh at themselves and they can get extremely angry or even violent if they feel they are being laughed at by others .

   I think everyone should smile and laugh as much as possible don't you ?....

  Some laugh with Twittery glittering giggles and some with a laugh that comes from all the way down from their toes but it doesn't matter where it comes from or how it's done because a smile and a laugh means for that for one moment there's happiness being shared all around , as the old saying goes " if you see someone without a smile , why not give them one of yours " and the bonus thing is its all completely free !! 😊

  Many years ago people used to have pen pals ( do they still exist I wonder ? 🤔 )  that they would talk to and share things with , well maybe that should be done with smiles,  jokes and laughter too . Something along the lines of if you hear a really good joke or story that made you laugh then you have to share it with at least two other people who haven't heard it before .

 At the end of todays post I'll add a couple of really silly classic " Christmas cracker " style jokes to help raise a smile and then the mission is to share them around and see how far they can travel 🌍 .

  It doesn't matter how murky or dismal today may be because tomorrow will give you the chance to repair the damage with as much enjoyment snd merriment you can possibly cram into every corner of it  . Just one small smile can rapidly transform anyone's face and that smile can then slowly grow into an explosive burst of endless chuckles,  twitters and raucous laughter . 

   Sometimes with the right person the laughter party can start either with just a look , a wink or a simple nudge , I count myself extremly lucky to have friends that only have to say one single word and the laughter game begins , what ever it is that we are laughing at may not mean very much to other people but it's not going to stop our fun and giggles .

  Did  you know that smiling and laughing can be highly contagious?.... Go on try it and you'll see what I mean .

   One of the most beautiful things to hear in life is a babies first laugh and I've been lucky enough to be there when my children were young to hear it . They can see the most simplistic things as being funny and it's a sound that if bottled could make a fortune ( the laughter not the baby of course  ) , If they can find the world a funny place at such a young age then so can we .

    As promised here's a few really silly jokes to help raise a smile and if they make you smile or laugh then why not follow the golden rule and share that smile around 😊. 


       Whats pink and fluffy ?....


                  Pink Fluff !! 🤣

   Where do you find a Tortoise with no              legs ? ....

             Where ever you left it !! 🤣

  What do you call fish without eyes ? ....

                                 fsh ! 🤣


 Now it's everyone else's turn,  think of a joke and make someone smile or laugh today 😊


















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