Saturday, March 2, 2024

Countdown to positivity.


28 years of suffering domestic abuse was more than enough for me thank you very much and those years as I've said many times before I will never get back .....

 Wasted years they may of been for me but on the positive side they were certainly educational and without them I most deffinatly wouldn't be the person I find myself to be today .

 Whilst I'm putting a positive spin on my own individual past eventful life let's use those years constructively by finding 28 reasons to be content in life after escaping from the nightmare of domestic abuse . I present my reasons to be cheerful countdown......... 

                        ⭐️  28 ⭐️

   That first overwhelming delicious exceptional feeling when the overpowering heavy weight of domestic abuse becomes lifted from your shoulders . 

                         ⭐️  27 ⭐️

  The discovery that actually you should be encredibly proud of yourself for taking that life changing leap to freedom. 

                       ⭐️  26  ⭐️

  Proving to yourself and others that regardless of what you may of been told or believed you are actually a pretty bloody brilliant human being .

                        ⭐️  25 ⭐️

 As the saying  goes " What doesn't kill you can only makes you stronger " and you are now fully qualified as an all powerful superhero who can overthrow any enemy .

                       ⭐️  24 ⭐️

  Fully congratulate yourself and celebrate making that first all important original decision to break away because you totally deserve it .

                        ⭐️ 23 ⭐️

  From now on start to enjoy every single moment of your newly found freedom , it's a wonderful life so why not live it in style .

                         ⭐️ 22 ⭐️

  Never worry that your friends or family have given up on you , they have always been there in the background somewhere waiting to be there for you when you are ready to need it .

                         ⭐️ 21 ⭐️

  Always from now on believe in yourself and the decisions you decide to make. Some may seem a crazy at the time but sometimes the crazy ones are more fun .

                       ⭐️  20 ⭐️

  Learn to trust again , where's theres that one idiot person who will abuse Your trust there's another fifty that won't. 

                       ⭐️ 19 ⭐️

  Never give up on the dream of loving someone again , there's no rush and sometimes good things are worth waiting for .

                         ⭐️ 18 ⭐️

  If you have shared children with an abuser never forget children are a lot stronger than you think they are , yes they may need a little help along the way but they are tough cookies really .

                         ⭐️ 17 ⭐️

  Every abused victim has a story to tell so if it helps why not write it all down somewhere . It can be just a personal diary of events or a shared thing . 

                        ⭐️ 16 ⭐️

 Learn well from the period of your domestic abuse , use what you've learnt to your advantage and benefit from the strength it can give .

                          ⭐️ 15 ⭐️

 Never spend long periods of time looking back because you've already been there once , always focus on looking forward .

                         ⭐️ 14 ⭐️

 Never be afraid of the path your taking in life , if your not happy with the route your taking you can always change direction .

                        ⭐️ 13 ⭐️

  If you don't like the story in your book of life then just simply turn the page to start a brand new exciting adventure. 

                          ⭐️ 12 ⭐️

  If your day feels like its full of dark unforgiving storm clouds don't forget sometimes you need that rain to make a beautiful rainbow .

                         ⭐️ 11 ⭐️

 Those that domestically abuse others are nothing but big bullies and those same bullies are nothing but cowards really .

                          ⭐️ 10 ⭐️

  Enjoy your life once free from domestic abuse because you only get one go at it , life is far too short to get it wrong .

                          ⭐️ 9 ⭐️

  Always try to remain true to yourself , believe in your dreams and one day they might come true .

                             ⭐️ 8 ⭐️

  Look all around you and learn to appreciate just how amazing even the simplist little things in life can be .

                             ⭐️ 7 ⭐️

  Never be scared to open that box of new adventures , whatever may be in that box could be positively life changing .

                              ⭐️ 6 ⭐️

 Allow yourself to have those days that just feel cloudy or glum and cry if you need to , tomorrow will always be a better day .

                              ⭐️ 5 ⭐️

 Don't ever believe you can't survive without the one that's domestically abusing , you are far more stronger than you ever think yourself to be.

                              ⭐️ 4 ⭐️ 

 Never say never in life , life can be full of endless enjoyable surprises so why not enjoy them .

                              ⭐️ 3 ⭐️

A smile costs you nothing so why not making it your mission to share a smile a day to someone who may need it .

                              ⭐️ 2 ⭐️

Always remember that if you've grown this far after domestic abuse then just keep on going , never stop .

                             ⭐️ 1 ⭐️

  This is the most important and the top scoring positive thing in life , Never ever stop being the person you are today , always believe in your own actions . You have an important part to play in your life story so why not shine like the star that you are  !!!!!






















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