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Movie night 🎬 .


It's scary Movie time folks so please find your seat , settle down with your popcorn , choose your drink and wait for the lights to go down........

Domestic abuse has been known to raise its ugly head even in the world of movies . Some are pretty good , some try but don't quite get there and some let's just say are better off being forgotten about through total lack of good research . 
It takes a very brave script writer and director to tackle anything to do with domestic abuse and an even braver actor or actress to take on the role . There's no 100% garrentee that any movie will bring in people through the door but especially any about domestic abuse so it needs the best out there in order for it to work and work well . 

Let's take a look a couple of these movies , the basic story line ( don't want to give the entire story away ) and how well i thought they portrayed domestic abuse .........


The colour Purple , 1985 .

  Based on a novel by Alice Walker starring amoung others Whoopi Goldberg , Oprah Winfrey and Danny Glover .

   It's based around the story of Celie Harris an African/American girl who has to endure brutal treatment by her father and a forced marriage to a man she doesn't love and that abuses her.

  Time goes by and Celie grows into a strong independent woman , she learns to stand up for herself and she learns to forgive those that may of hurt her along the way .

  Personally I can't praise this book/movie high enough and I'm curious about the newly released musical version and hopefully it will carry across exactly the same message . 

  It's an extremely powerful and deeply moving story tackling many differant subjects that certainly raised a few eyebrows in its time . 

  Performances by all actors concerned make the whole story fully believable and at times tearful . This is a film I would strongly recommend anyone to watch if they need a glimps into to the struggles involved within a domestic abuse relationship. 


  Sleeping with the enemy , 1991.

Based on a novel by Nancy Price starring Julia Roberts , Patrick Bergin and Kevin Anderson.

  The story revolves around Laura Burney who becomes married to Martin Boston , Martin is the classic confident caring husband to begin with , but as time progresses his true colours are slowly revealed , Laura soon finds herself being both physically and emotionally abused .

  Laura takes some desperate measures in order to escape her nightmare, but Martin isn't that far behind her which then leads to desperate measures .

  This film is an excellent example of showing the mental and emotional abuse one person can experience. It shows that taking that decision to break away can be done no matter what unexpectedly unpleasant events come your way.

  The actors involved played their characters extremly well , again I recommend this film for those that need to try to understand that domestic abuse isn't always physical but it can sometimes be emotional. 


   The Waitress , 2007 .

 Written and directed by Adreinne Shelly . Starring Keri Russel , Nathan Fillion and Cheryl Hines .

   This is one of those films that tend to go under the radar of most movie watchers , it was discovered accidentally one night when sleep became almost impossible due to excessive summer heat one evening .

 The story spins around a Waitress called Jenna Hunterson , she works in a Diner and discovers she's unintentionally pregnant by her abusive husband. Jennas deep down wish is to just run away to reclaim her life back but unfortunatly her husband Earl has other ideas .  

She eventually gets brave and tells him she doesn't love him anymore and she wants a divorce. This then leads to further conflict with Earl who assaults her . Jenna finally manages to gain her and her baby's freedom and restart her life .

The storyline is maybe not the greatest one but the actors worked well with what they had and give a fair performance . Its watchable for the obvious factor that escape from any form of domestic abuse can happen. It maybe isn't as well known as the other two films and it may not have A list movie stars in it but it still a really good demonstration of never giving up and to keep on going . 


  There's not a major list of domestic abuse based movies out there to interest others and yet again I find there's hardly anything about abuse against men but all the above can be related to both male and female abuse if needed , saying that though there is however an excellent outstanding documentary ( fully suggest Googling the gentleman's name ) .

  Its called Abused by my girlfriend .

This is the true real life story of Alex Skeel who survived a near fatal abusive relationship with his girlfriend involving extreme violence , control and mental torture , this is again something I fully recommend anyone to watch who needs to learn more about domestic abuse . It's a fantastic and extremely thought provoking example of how domestic abuse can effect men and how even under the greatest fear there can always be a way out , thankfully Alex managed to survive it all and is now sharing his story to help inspire others . 

 All of the above are just my own personal reviews and opinions about a few films that I feel show excellent examples of domestic abuse in all its many variouse ugly shapes and forms , they all of course have their own unique happy endings but those of us who have been there know that unfortunatly things don't always gave the classic fairy tale ending .

  Next time you find yourself sitting there flicking through those endless lists of television programmes , films and documentary's why not try and see if you can find one of them 🤔 . 

Please don't hesitate to share your own ideas on suggested viewing concerning domestic abuse , with so many different countries out there reading my posts I'm fairly positive there must be something as equally educational that will help encourage others .









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