Saturday, November 18, 2023

Think positive.


 How can I be so positive about life after living through a ridiculous 28yrs of Domestic Abuse ?

 That's an easy and simple one to answer..... I love life !!!!

 PTSD has its annoying tendency to try and sneek up on me unexpectedly but I've now learnt to spare it an odd hour or so , I share a cup if tea with it and then I shove it right back kicking and screaming to where ever it came from !!  
  I refuse to allow that all too dismal part of my past life to overtake all the positives I now have in life , if I let it overtake me then it means my now ex is still succeeding to rule my world and trust me that is something that will never happen again. 

  Grey days like today where there's almost constant rain in it's many various soggy forms and the trees have almost lost their golden autumn glow won't put me off enjoying what I now have in life , granted Its a bit to much on the wet side to enjoy sitting in the garden with a brew and a bacon sandwich or sitting at a lakeside fishing and listening to the birds song but as the saying goes " it's not bad weather only bad clothing " so the dog will still get walked and I will keep watching the skies for that ever possible glorious rainbow .

  Positive thinking isn't something that everyone finds easy to do, especially after something like domestic abuse . It's not a particularly pleasant place to find yourself in and it's equally not always as an easy place to get yourself out of either.
  Not every victim of abuse is as lucky as I was and they just can't find the inner strength to either close the door to their abuse or to just keep on living ( that's exactly how bad domestic abuse can take over your life ) , those that have never been there will never totally or fully understand exactly how over powering , dark and extremely lonely abuse can be and that's exactly why after telling my story at the beginning of all of these posts I've continued writting. 

  I don't care how many see it all , understand it or read any of it ( I do but not in a selfish way ) , but what I do really care about is reaching out and being there for others who unfortunately find themselves in a similar position. I count myself extremly lucky to be able to do what I'm now doing, and yes I fully intend to just keep on going with it for as long as .
 I proudly shout out that I'm now a survivor of domestic abuse on here , Facebook , Instagram , Quora , Threads  and X ( blog email can be found in profile if needed ) because no one has the right in life to abuse anyone . My mission is now to at least give just one person that self belief that yes there's a better life after domestic abuse and that life is so worth living .

  As my profile says I'm now a really annoying positive thinking optimist , I can see sunshine on the most darkest of days and I fully believe I should share the positive all around , if I can survive my most darkest years and still manage to come out smiling at the end of it then so can anyone else , its not always as simple as it sounds but yes it can be done if you really want it . You just simply have to train your thinking into turning every negative into a positive,  every bad day will be followed by a good one and that the best bit is that it's all out there completely for free !!

 Domestic abusers of this world only seem to really care about one thing in life and that's making sure every single thing goes their own way , they can be reasonably decent individuals when this happens but it can only take one small word to change the entire situation into a danger zone,  that one small word is ....

  That one simple little word can indirectly bring with it both emotional and/or physical pain . 
Now be honest with yourselves,  is that the right way to live a happy good life ?....
  I completely agree , life shouldn't involve spending your days dodging spiteful words or forceful fists .
Escaping and surviving any form of domestic abuse isn't as easy as others may think but that doesn't mean it can't be done , it just takes  a major big keep of faith and putting your trust in other people's hands . There may be times when you might doubt your own thoughts and feelings but once you start that walk to freedom it's worth every single minute . 
 The recovery from abuse can  be a constant on going thing but things can and will get better almost every day .

 When I think back now to that submissive person I used to be I find myself wondering how the hell I let it all get that bad or let it go on for such a stupidly ridiculous amount of time . Was I really that scared of someone who was supposed to love or care for me or was I do wrapped up in trying to live my life without creating any ripples that I never noticed what happen ?.....

 Now my life is my own , I still hate any forms of verbal or physical violence but if it happens I'm now more than capable of standing my own ground and as I've said before I can and will kick arse back if neeeded .
  If your reading any of this and your thinking "I wish I could do that " then why not stop wishing and just do it instead.  

Final photo used is yet again one of my own .









Friday, October 27, 2023

Prove it .


Domestic abuse, be it physical or emotional, has to be one of the hardest things to prove if you've ever been unfortunate enough to have it happen to you......

 it's never obvious, and if it's physical, the abuser makes sure that the bruises can't be seen . If any noticeable marks are visible, then various excuses are made to explain them .
Domestic abusers very rarely do their abusing in public because that would mean other people would be able to see the abuser for who they really are and not the person they pretend to be .

  How can you prove abuse ever happened when no one else ever sees it or hears it and even if the abuser is ever challenged about their actions they will then instantly become the victim pleading how its all not true , they would never dream of doing anything like that  and putting on a performance that could be Oscar winning .
 Both parties can provide the tears but the big difference is that the victims tears are almost silent and they will talk in a very calm matter of fact sort of way , where as the abuser will pull out all the stops with heart breaking sobs and dramatic stories of how they are totally innocent. 

  Emotional/mental abuse is a seriously tough one to prove because there's no evidence or photos to be taken , it all happens on the inside where no one will ever see and the scars or bruises are invisable. 
  If like myself your intimidated into having to have sex whether you want it or not is now at least in England classed as a form of rape , but if there's only two people in the room at the time and there's no fighting or drugs concerned how can you possibly prove it ?

 I realised a long time ago there was absolutely no point in reporting my now ex to anyone because I've got nothing to prove what's happened , there's no recordings or pictures taken , there's just me talking about events and what used to go on .
 The ex of course tells a totally different story and it's entirely up to the individual to believe what ever they want to believe .
  Meanwhile he gets away with everything and to my knowledge continues to do so with whoever he is with and I get the joy of trying to put some sort of vague order all the thoughts and feelings that have come from me spending 28 very long wasted years being abused .

   My story of domestic abuse is my own  personal journey and it's completely up to who ever reads any of it to make their own minds up on if I'm believed or not , I may not be able to condem my ex to a life of guilt but one thing I can do is to shout out to others about it and be there if any other victims need it ( email in profile if needed) .
  I've not made it anything glamorous or fancy I've just written about facts ( in fact I've proberly played it down a bit in places ) , I'm now stuck with all the after effects that I've collected along the way but one thing I'm endlessly positive about is that it will never ever beat me  !!

  My story isn't as horrendous as some others and if I find it frustrating on how hard it is to prove my past then just imagine what things must be like for them , its one of the many reasons why I'm now doing these posts and knowing there's someone out there somewhere that has been there , seen it and survived it helps then fantastic and between us all we will just keep on going forward in life .
  I've been asked a couple of times how I can be so positive and content all the time especially after what has happened and thats easy to answer,  it's because I choose to be that way and not wallow in my past despair . I refuse to let my miserable past effect my future happiness,  there's only one person allowed to control me now and that's myself .
  I started all this to help defuzz some of the crazy thoughts that were once whizzing around my mind and to get my story out there,  this I've now done and will continue trying to do my best in being there for others if or when needed. 

 As much as I wont be able to ever prove any of my domestic abuse happened neither can my now ex prove any of it didn't happen , if he ever gets around to hear or read anything ( which I very much doubt ) then tough , he can try to convince others that I'm a lying over dramatic drama queen but I will always know that I've told the truth and nothing but the truth . 
I may not write amazingly interesting or fascinating pieces but I'd like to think is that what I do write is read by all and and anyone that is still surrounded by any form of domestic abuse can see that you can excape from it all and there's are loads of amazing people out there who can and will help .

  One of the big things that frustrates me the most is that some domestic abusers can play the system to their own advantage and that's wrong on so many levels, there are some abusers who have even used the domestic abuse card to get themselves rehomed whilst the victim is left to struggle on their own .
 Why are women believed more than men about being abused ? and above all else why cant they get exactly the same treatment ?  .....
 Nope not a clue either on both but maybe one day things might change . 
  Positive end of post time and I think it should finish with a positive thought .......

       Always be true to yourself  !!!!!!
   Photo used below is one of my own recent ones and I just love the way that Mr Robin was ruling his day without a care in the world .




Monday, October 23, 2023

Its not easy .


Domestic Abuse will never ever be an easy subject for some let alone be the most interesting but for those of us who have had to live through it and experience it well let's just say we would have to agree to disagree ....

No one ever asks for it, and most  certainly, no one ever deserves it regardless of what an abuser might say . 

 Yes I may repeat myself a lot about things but if that's what it takes to help make people take notice and listern then so be it and I apologise if some find things a bit boring but to be honest I can't and won't brush domestic abuse under any carpet and I refuse to hide what happened to me over my 28 years of it like the events never happened .
My ex abuser is still out there somewhere thinking that he can use and abuse anyone that gets in close contact to him and I'm not stupid enough to think I have some sort of secret power to be able to stop him but what I do have is the strength and power of words, and that's exactly why I'm now writing these posts .

I've lost 28 very valuable years of my far too short life on someone who never really appreciated anything I ever did, and my intentions are now to make up for lost time . Those lost years I will never get back and that's all down to just one extremly selfish greedy abusive person , I don't hate him because I've completely run out of feelings in any form for that particular person but what I do hate is the fact I had to experience it all and there's been a few more after me that have had to tolerate it too  .
That's how totally unfair domestic abuse can be ....the innocent get punished, and the guilty get away with it . 

Do I have serious issues with the abuse I once lived through ?....

Of course I bloody well do !!!!

Thankfully, my mental health hasn't been dramatically affected too much, and I've still managed to keep my sense of humour ( granted there's a form of PTSD tucked away somewhere deep inside but it's only allowed to show its face on rare occasions).
My issues nowadays are more about how stupid I was to let myself ever get in that sort of situation in the first place and why did I allow it to continue for such a ridiculous amount of time and both of those issues are exactly why I'm now doing all of this .

So let's get back to the question: Is any of this interesting or helpful ?....

  Well for me it most certainly is and fingers crossed it is for others too .

  Alerting others about domestic abuse has now become a very important part of my life , interesting or not it's out there and it's happening right now to thousands of others male or female in loads of different countries .
 Abusers are out there physically , mentally and emotionally ruining other peoples lives and all because they seem to think that they are the most important individuals on this planet....Well guess what ?....

 Their not and they never will be!!!!!!!!

Is there life after domestic abuse ?...

Yes I fully believe there can be but unfortunately not always, some can find it just all to much and simply not want to continue existing anymore .

  Domestic abuse is something that can only be fully understood by those that have lived it , therapists and others can try to help but the books they may read or life stories like my own will never be the same as talking to a real true survivor who is proof there can be a happy ever after .

 Is my life now Perfect ?....

No way and I wouldn't want it to be either .
I try to go through life thinking positive and I'm on a constant learning curve with it  . 

 I'm more true to myself now than I have ever been and I fully love the life I'm living .
I now get the opportunity to do what ever I want without any worry or major concerns and all the silly little things I was once told I wasn't allowed to do are now all done with a massive smile 😊 .

This particular positive thinker would like to think that maybe just maybe those that read any of these various things I've written get informed along the way about domestic abuse , granted Its not a deep and meaningful subject matter or as fascinating as a wildlife programme on the television but it's just as real and as I've explained many times before it can happen to absolutly anyone and in a lot of cases you will never know about it .
    My abuse went unknown to my family and friends all the years I was involved in it , I never spoke about it to anyone ( didn't they get a great surprise when I finally told them after the ex finally left ) , they still to this day have no idea just how far that abuse went . 
  Why haven't I ever discussed it all with them ?.....

Because like most other people if you've not actually experienced it you can never really completely understand it , they would of course be deeply concerned ,  look shocked and try to apologise for something they haven't done but that's not what a survivor wants or needs , survivors need to know they have security , love and supportive people around them who don't ask endless questions that can't always be answered . 
We will talk when the time feels right enough , we will try to laugh and joke about it to make things appear lighter and yes we will of course try to repair ourselves eventually over time .

   Next time the subject of domestic abuse comes up in a conversation try discussing it and not avoiding it , a lot of us survivors will talk openly about it ( maybe not necessarily going into detail like I do with these posts ) .
    The world can be a phenomenal place after you've escaped from abuse .

  Both photos used are my own and as the last one says.........




Thursday, October 12, 2023

Changes .


A domestic abusive relationship can contain a whole lot of variouse changes for all those involved in it .......

  The abuser changes from the caring , loving, and amazing person you thought you knew into something from a horror movie.

  It all starts very slow and gradually even to the point where you don't even notice it happening to you ,  those helpful ' constructive criticisms " that you may get passed in your direction at the start can come with kind gentle looks and smiles and you'll only hear them on random occasions ( when your dressing up to go out somewhere for example) . You doubt your own actions, so you change your plan and use whatever loving advice you were offered .

 Over time you'll start to hear them more and more , all about silly little different things and those comments that were once spoken then start to turn into a louder raised voice and the helpful advice grows into sarcastic comments ( often done in front of others to make sure your nice and embarrassed ) . You begin to start to question your own decisions and believe that maybe you've been living life and doing things all the wrong way .

Then the shouting and accusations begin , everything you say or do is filled with accusations, and the person you once were is now no more, and you've become the anxious scared what could happen next person . You jump and do whatever is demanded of you because you know exactly what can happen if you don't .

  Now all the above all sounds totally crazy , why wouldn't you notice what's going on and do something about it, but it's really not that simple . Only someone who has been or is still there will know exactly what I mean . You get so wrapped up in thinking and believing it's all your fault, and you're the problem that you don't see that it's the one abusing with the issues and not you at all .

This is just how good domestic abusers are at what they do and why others end up being with them . A normal logical thinking person would avoid anyone that came over as slightly aggressive or domineering at the first meeting but that exactly how could domestic abusers can be , they don't want you to see what they're really like straight away or else there's no point in even beginning to talk to you .

Meanwhile the abused victim starts the relationship as the cheerful loving partner , their more than happy to do things that they may be asked to do , they are just in most cases so loved up that they have no idea what's about in store for them in the future. 

  The victim's personality starts to begin  to drain away without noticing it's happening , the way they act , speak, and even dress changes because they are trying so hard to make the other person happy that that they can't see that they may not be .  It's this person the domestic abuser really wants and not the person they first originally . They know no one would ever be with them if they knew what they were really like so they do what chameleons do and simply just change their colour to fit .

The person I once was is a lot different to who I am now . I used to be a lot less cautious and considerably more trusting back then , I was never very good at arguments and disagreements and I'd go out of my way to avoid them if possible,  I'd much rather sit down and discuss a problem rather than shout about it ( still do to a certain point ) but now thanks to my now ex domestic abuser and the unpleasant experience I had whilst with him I'm now considerable more stronger and fight back if its neeeded . 

  Do I miss the person I used to be ?....

 Maybe, but then I wouldn't be who I am now if I hadn't lived through my 28 years of abuse and survived it . My survival has made me mentally stronger and ready to tackle what ever life or fate may decide to put in my direction , I now face things head on and there's no more brushing things under the carpet so they can't be seen  . 

 Everyone changes as they get older and wiser you might say but that part way deep inside doesn't really , it tends to stay the same no matter how much you might pretend it doesn't , you will always be the same except your principals and  attitude about living your life might change and develop . life is exacly what ever you make it and want it to be , granted you may have to adapt things a bit along the way but it's all yours so why not do thing's your way and not the way any domestic abuser wants .

I've no idea if whatever I'm posting on here or the other places is worth anything to anyone else or even sightly interesting but to me it's all been priceless ,  I wouldn't be as where I am now without being able to put all my seriously mixed up mess of thoughts down somewhere at the begining and although I can still remember every single horrendous moment of my past I now no longer let it fester and take over my world. 

  I know someone somewhere is reading it all along the way and I'm grateful for it , maybe it's helping someone and maybe its not but it's been a massive help to my recovery. 

As I've said many times before I always try to turn anything negative into a positive so let's end on this , the final picture is a recently taken one whilst enjoying all the delights an English Autumn can bring , its still warm enough to not need a coat or jumper  ( due to change very soon) and walking through all those delicious crunching golden brown leaves raises a garrented smile to myself every time 😊 .




Thursday, October 5, 2023

Ying &Yang.


If Domestic abuse is the Ying then the freedom that can be found after it must then be the Yang ......

As you must already know I'm a bit of an old hippy at heart ( more than a bit I think ) and I reckon that there are loads of really good examples of Ying and Yang all around....... 

  The statement at the very begining of all of this is totally true in my mind , domestic abuse is the extreme intense darkness and the freedom you can get from it when you break away is the bright happy ever after sunshine . Maybe its a very simplistic way of thinking and looking at it but if it works for me then I'll just keep on thinking it .

This eternal annoying optimist always somehow regardless of what's going on in life always seems to be able to look on the bright side about everything . It's nothing that I've taught myself to be But it's just the way I've always been and it all comes to me perfectly naturally , if I see or feel anything even just slightly negative then I always try to turn it into a positive . I even share the positivity around as much as I possibly can because I've got loads of it to share around .  

I may of spent far too long letting myself be domestically abused ( yes I take a very small portion of the blame because I let it happen longer than it should of done ) but the way I look at things is that it's taught me some very good important lessons in life and without it I certainly wouldn't be talking to you all now .
  I've always enjoyed writing and even thought when I was growing up that maybe one day I'd get really brave and clever enough to perhaps even write a book ðŸĪ” . 
This is where my perminate positively comes into play , why can't I write my book , there's no one stopping me doing all the things I want to do now , if I can't believe in myself then who else will !!!

 I think the great Oscar Wilde had the right idea , it's all about being happy in your own skin and being true to yourself . 
There was once a time when I had absolutely no idea who the hell I was but now the real me is out and enjoying dealing with everything that life decides to throw in my direction . 
If I'm honest the confidence is still a little bit shaky sometimes but its getting a lot better and doing these posts have been a great help , knowing that someome out there somewhere is reading any of them is also a nice positive thought ( and I thank you for it ) . Sometimes the smallest and simplist things in life can somtimes give the biggest and best results .

Thinking positive doesn't always come naturally to some and that's one of my many reasons of why I like to share mine all around , it doesn't cost anything and the whole idea of it is really easy just need to start with a smile 😃. 
Smiles can be highly contagious , once you start to smile then someome else will and so it can just keep travelling along making everyone else feel good . 
 Feeling good and positive can help build your inner strengh , it can make your day be brighter and it can help take away the pressure and the stress that life can somtimes bring . It's all about your state of mind and how you want to deal with things .

You have all read by now about my favorite happy place is just being outside and I fully believe everyone has their own one somewhere , I do some of my best thinking in my happy place , I have my best ideas and some of my better photos are taken there too . 
I count myself extremly lucky to get some of my positivity from simply just absorbing all that Mother Nature has to offer and the bonus is it's all being given out for totally free !!

 It's Autumn time here in England and the leaves are just begining to fall , conker (horse chestnuts) hunting is in full swing and the evenings are slowly getting a little bit cooler......and it's all simply just absolutely perfect .

Granted Its just my own personal way of looking at things but that's what you get when your a positive thinker , you see only the best things and never the worst .
Even during my most dark days I would try to stay as  positive as I could because that was one of things that couldn't be taken away from me somtimes it wss about the only thing that would keep me going .

The photo below was taken by myself this afternoon whilst on a brief after work walk , and I have to admit I had great fun listening to the birds singing whilst crunching my way through all those gorgeous various golden colours , I must of looked like I'd just escaped from somewhere Ãēr like an over grown 4 yesr old as I was smiling away to myself with each and ever step I took but I couldn't help it of care less , I loved every single minute of it and the sound it all made was absolutely fantastic . In fact thinking about it I may just have to go and do it all again another day really soon before the weather changes and the leaves all crumble away to nothing .
 I never see Autumn as the end of summer but instead I see it as the whole brand new beginning for next years glorious display .

  Life is too short to get it wrong and you only ever get one go at it , so why not make the mostt if what youve got 😊 .



Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Domestic abuse awareness month.

Domestic abuse awareness month is in October !!!!!

 and its proof that slowly very slowly other people are being made aware that domestic abuse actually exists .

  My own personal story first started way back in the very early eighties when I first met my now ex , I was young and gullible so I fell for all his woe is me stories , I never really noticed straight away what he was really like and even when it did happen it was over a period of time so I never really noticed it happing untill it became all suffercating and I ceased to exist as myself anymore  .What first started as just the odd little "constructive criticism " ended up becoming emotional abuse , financial abuse, intimidation , manipulation and rape ( agreed to it reluctantly only after being heavily pressured into it ) .There were even a couple of times were my mental state had become so bad that I even considered ending my life just to excape from it all . My story isn't as horrendous or dramatic compared to some others but thats my personal reason for doing exactly what I now do here  , facebook , Instagram , Quora , Threads and X .  

I think I've earnt the right to shout out loud about domestic abuse and I will continue to so  so for as long as I possibly can  !!!!!!

No one ever has the right to abuse someone else ,  no one ever asks for it and most deffinatly no one ever deserves it . The problem lays with the abuser and never their victim , they are the one's insisting on behaving like a spoilt little superbrat throwing thier pathetic temper tantrums or striking out and its all their fault when their victim wakes up to reality and gets rid of them and no one else's. 

If you happen to be reading this or any of my other posts and think to yourself I wish I could just leave or chuck my abuser out then why not just make domestic abuse awareness month the time you do it . scary thought maybe but only at the begining and once you find that all important help then life gets very much easier. Reaching out to find that support and help from various brilliant groups can be just the first step to great brand new existence free from your dark foreboding world that once was . 

My life now is totally domestic abuse free and if anyone dares to even think they can get away with it now they will most certainly be put back under that rock they once crawled out from . 

My abusive past has made me become mentally stronger and I've learnt so many valuable life lessons along the way .  I'm nothing special or inspirational I'm just a normal slightly dented everyday honest and genuine person that now despises anything that is connected to domestic abuse ( not all the positive stuff obviously ) .

My ex hasn't and will never change his still doing what he does to others and I now talk to some of the one that have made their bid for freedom just like I did . There was a very brief moment of worry recently when I discovered he had moved a little bit closer in my direction but the logic kicked back in and I know now that his nothing but a weak and pathetic little slug that wouldn't be brave enough to come anywhere near me now . Let him think his the hottest thing out there trying to get his next victim from his favourite dating site but what he doesn't know is that two complaints about him have now been filed on it and his due to get blocked from it very soon .

Nowadays I get to be completely true to myself and for what ever I want ( all within reason of course ) , I go out when I want , I wear what I want , I talk to whoever I want and most importantly I now have my total and absolute freedom . 

You've seen some of the photos I get to now take involving the very many different places I now get to go to and I now count myself incredibly lucky to be able to have the opportunity to be able to do it  all .

Fishing for example became a newish thing not long after the ex left and it's now become a regular event either just simply grabbing a couple of hours after work or getting up at silly o'clock in the morning to spend a very enjoyable day doing it , my inner peace battery goes automatically onto recharge and I just totally relax with no hurry or worry . That hidden old hippy that lives inside me wouldn't change all the benifits I now get from it for the world and whilst my day is all calm and peaceful my ex can keep his football , PlayStation and his nasty little bitter habits to himself because I simply just love my way of life now !!

Maybe I should be grateful to my ex in a strange bazaar sort of way because if it wasnt for my experience with him I wouldn't be living the kind of life I'm living now and I certainly wouldn't be writing on here or anywhere rlse for that matter . I wouldn't know anything about domestic abuse back then and I most certainly wouldn't be trying to reach out to as many people as I like to think I am now . 

  Domestic abuse is wrong on so many levels and it doesn't matter if your gay , straight,  black , white , old or young it's still and always will be abuse . it will never be acceptable behavour from anyone and those that abuse most certainly don't deserve anyone's affection or attention .

Please don't let Domestic abuse awareness month go unnoticed , remember those that have suffered or are still finding themselves surrounded by it but especially spare a thought to those whose lives were ended before they should have done by someone else's hands because of it .

 If anyone needs a trusted listening friend then please find my Blog email in my profile , all contact will of course be kept totally confidential. 

Now let's end all this on a positive note after all that negativity and always remember to breath that good air in on order to allow all that bad air out .......

( photo taken myself .



Thursday, September 14, 2023

Me , myself and I .


 Domestic abuse is just in case you've not noticed it yet is a subject I feel extremely seriously strongly about.......

Apart from mentioning the fact that I have
managed to successfully escape from my      own 28yr version of it endless times what I    hadn't done yet after with just over the past
fifty odd posts is to introduce myself properly to all who may read any of these so maybe it about time I did ( extremely bad manners I know )   .                                                           
Just in case you've not worked any of  it out for yourselves yet or you've only just begun reading then let's start with a few basics .......
Hello my name is Polskie 👋 ( not my real name but that will always remain private and anyone who knows me really well and reads this will recognise its me anyway ) .                                  
I'm English and have lived here all my life.

I'm a little bit too close to being sixty than I'd like to be .   
I will always refuse to get old gracefully .   
I do have a job and also help part run another business .      
     I have 3 all but grown up children .

I fully believe in old fashion good manners and respect ( as taught to me by my mother and in turn taught to my children ) . 

I'm lucky enough to have a very special person in my life and have done for several years .       

I love my garden and try to grow an endless assortment of things .   
One if my top favourite books is To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee .

Top favourite films either The clour Purple , The green Mile or the Warriors .

Favourite music can range from the Sex Pistols to Edward Elgar's Nimrod .

I own one daft dog and two purrfect cats ( who may at some point make their  appearance)  .
I'm a bit of an old school hippy kind of            person at heart with a splash of rebellious punk thrown in for good measure .       
I'm an extremly annoying positive thinking eternal optimist .   
My favourite place is anywhere outside (and within reason in all weathers )  .  

      I like and enjoy taking photos as you've probably noticed by now and the last one used on this is one of my lilys that were growing in my garden this summer.

I hate any pictures of myself so sorry none will ever appear on here ( not unless of course I get hundreds and thousands of followers , I get incredibly famous instantly overnight or get extremly drunk all of which are extremly unlikely ) .

     I'm as honest , truthful , humble and as genuine as I possibly can be in life .  

I love peace and hate any forms of abuse or violence . 

    And finally and most importantly I'm now my own free person and I love living my life !!! 

OK thats all the basic boring stuff done ( most I've already written about anyway ) and you all now know a little bit more about me and with it I hope I've now just proved I'm just a normal everyday kind of person who just simple puts down on here all sorts of weird random stuff that goes through my head .
This whole thing I have to admit has been at least for me personally better than any counsellor or therapist , it's given me the opportunity to put my story out there instead of it being just being stuck somewhere in the dark corners of my mind festering away .
This all started for purely selfish reasons but then I felt I needed to share it because as I've said before if just one person reads it all and thinks " that's just like me " then it's all been very much worth it .

I made the decision a while ago to extend it on various other social media sites  facebook , Instagram , Quora and the now X  but it should in theory all lead back to here .
Follow me or not ( quite like it if you did ) at least I'm not allowing domestic abuse to remain quite or rule my life anymore , I try always to be completely honest about it if I'm asked about my version of it and its just tough luck if it's not liked by anyone .
My now ex ( whose name I will never reveal on here but close family and friends know it ) was and still is to my knowledge) extremly controlling and emotionally abusive and but has yet never been physically violent , my time used to be spent trying to make the home environment as pleasant as I possibly could for myself and my children but it was an endless unforgiving waste of energy because the goal posts were always being endlessy moved further apart .

He will never ever change but I know I now thankfully have , I'm now having an absolute ball being true to myself and being the person I should have been when I was with him .
Do I regret any of it ? .... Maybe but then I wouldn't have had my children .

I know my story is nothing compared to other domestic abuse stories but it all boils down to the same thing , abuse no matter what type it may be is still uncalled for and extremly wrong !!
Abusers will always abuse but the abused hold the ace card , they can when they are good and ready just take the leap and make that break for freedom , yes its not always easy and I would be lying if I said it was but it's so well worth it in the end .
I now very much value my new found freedom to be myself and encourage anyone else to do it too , all you need to do is just simply turn the page in the book of life and start a brand new exciting chapter .

Scared? Then dont be ... There's are loads and loads of amazing people who can help you , sorry I only know the English ones but other countries must have their own versions .  Let's all help those that may need it .

Now its all your turn , if you read this and like it then why not follow , why not just simply say hello and/ or introduce yourself or simply just send a friendly smile 😊 . 
( email in profile for those that want privacy)

Make today a great day and enjoy it !!!!



Monday, September 11, 2023

Repeat , Repeat, Repeat .


Abusers / Narcissists call them what you like but everything they do or have done seems to repeat it's self........

  Surviving an abusive relationship isn't the easiest thing to do but yes of course it can be done because as I've said loads of times before I've lived through 28yrs of it and survived it !
Why do I keep repeating myself ? ......
 Because I'm ever hopeful that one day maybe just maybe who ever reads these blogs may just think to themselves  " OMG !!!!! thats just like me and if she can do it so can I !!!  " ðŸĪ”

Domestic abuse is a lot to do with repeats , the abusers/ Narcissists do it , the victims do it and yes I'll hold my hands up and admit to   even I'm doing it when I'm writting about it and that's because that's what some of domestic abuse is all about . 
  I've noticed having after escaping from my abuser that there's sometimes a sort of pattern to it all , it's like everything is on a continuous loop that just never stops going round and round . 

 Victims can't ever change the record because the abuser controls all the songs , they control how every single day and night is played and the victims know after a while exactly what will happen to them if they don't dance when ordered to dance .  
 The music might change over time but the backing track will always be exactly the same .

 I've discovered recently my now ex has all but repeated himself to those that have followed in my foot steps . 
  Same places visited , same heart breaking sob stories told and even rings brought to show his " ownership " plus all the same nasty spiteful comments when his finally dumped yet again .  

 Exactly the same controlling rules are used over who , where , what or how everything has to be done and finally the same old big black soul destroying and mentally damaging silences or massive temper tantrums if things don't go the right way .
Three of us ex-victims are now in contact with each other for full moral support and all three of us will do exacly same thing to the next one that comes along when they are ready and need it .

 Yes I'm just as bad about repeating the same stuff over and over again and I'm sorry if others don't like it but I'm afraid it has to be done and I will continue to do so for as long as I can . 
 Domestic abuse and its after effects has to be literally shoved in the face of those who want to sweep it under the carpet , it won't ever go away by itself and most certainly should never be hidden . It's a foul ugly massive big subject that needs to be brought out more into the open and then discussed about . I'm not suggesting everyone should instantly hate abusers that they don't know ( I'll leave that to those that have been abused ) but what I am saying is by all means hate all forms of Domestic abuse and just simply be there to talk to if anyone needs it. .
  Granted Its not a particularly pleasant subject to discuss and its not the most reverting or interesting one either to those who haven't experienced it but yet it's still happening all over the world and very few shout about it .
 I remember all to well those feelings and emotions I had when I was stuck in my own Domestic abusive hellish nightmare , thinking there was nobody out there to help me and it all must be my fault , that's exactly one of  the many reasons why I'm doing what I'm doing now . 

  There are thousands out there in this great big wide world who are right now being subjected to all sorts of horrendous forms of abuse , everything from having their every move controlled to extreme physical violence (even some sadly losing their life to it ) , it's the humongous giant elephant in the room and far too many people choose to ignore it and that's wrong on so many levels .

    🌏   WAKE UP WORLD  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  🌏

 I'm going to just keep on going doing this for as long as I can and its for all those that are/where abused and for those that haven't had that experience yet ,  I will continue to repeat things and be there for those that may need it ( email in profile if needed and all kept strictly confidential ) .
 Domestic abuse is full of endless ridiculous stupid rules made by those that abuse and I now refuse to obey to any ( OK maybe a few just to keep things legal and not be arrested in life  😉 ) , I'm sure I've properly broken a few along the way doing this but that's what domestic abuse is like , it doesn't have any set rules ( apart from of course those made by the abuser ) and like I said at the very start I'm going to say things as they are and just like I'm talking to a friend .  My blogs may contain repeated stuff ( my intentions are to inform and not bore ) , I may swear ( not as much as I'd like to ) , I may not have many followers ( please do ) or have hundreds of readers ( again please do ) and it may not always be full of long endlessy written words but what they will always contain will be truth and 100% genuine honesty ( and proberly very unlikely chance of any adverts either due to the subject matter perhaps not being interesting enough to others ðŸĪ” ) .  
 If others don't like my posts because of the subject concerned or think its not interesting enough for them to read then tough don't bother reading it then  , sorry but domestic abuse may not be one of those really fascinating deep thinking mind gripping kind of subjects out there but it still exists and always will  , It will always be an unpleasant thing but that's life and its not going to ever change or go away quietly .


 That's enough negative thinking for the day I think and  I'm now breathing out all that bad air and replacing it all with the good stuff instead .
  The picture below has absolutely nothing to do with any of the subject matter above but what it does do however is help to remind me of the great day I've recently had when it was taken and that I'm now a free person to do as I like , no one will ever own me again and I can now do or go wherever I want . 
  Just because the sun is setting it doesn't mean to say tomorrow can't be an amazing day too !!!!!!!!



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